All types of medical tests

Common Medical Tests Merck Manual Home Edition

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All types of medical tests
Common Medical Tests Merck Manual Home Edition

> SEE ALL MERCK MANUALS There are different types of medical tests but the lines that separate them Tests are usually one of the six following types.

Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) 32–36% hemoglobin/cell.

Study of the brain's electrical function using electrodes attached to the scalp Electromyography Muscles.

Creatine kinase (CK), also called creatine phosphokinase (CPK) Male: 38–174 units/L Female: 96–140 units/L.

Simple or computer-enhanced x-ray study of the spinal column after injection of a radiopaque dye Nerve conduction study Nerves.

Tissue samples are removed and examined, usually with a microscope. The examination often focuses on finding abnormal cells that may provide evidence of inflammation or of a disorder, such as cancer.

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A Directory of Medical Tests - KidsHealth

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All types of medical tests
A Directory of Medical Tests - KidsHealth

A CBC measures the levels of different types of blood cells. Lead test. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all toddlers get tested for.

Taking a medical history and performing a physical examination usually provide the information a doctor needs to evaluate a child's health or to understand what's causing an illness. But sometimes, doctors need to order tests to find out more.

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Here are some common tests and what they involve:

So talk with the doctor if you have questions about what's right for you. State requirements differ regarding tests for newborns and pregnant women, and recommendations by medical experts are often updated.

Common blood tests include:

Blood tests usually can be done in a doctor's office or in a lab where technicians are trained to take blood. When only a small amount of blood is needed, the sample can sometimes be taken from a baby by sticking a heel and from an older child by sticking a finger with a small needle.

l your child that it may pinch a little, but that it will be over soon. With younger kids, try singing a song, saying the alphabet, or counting together while the blood is being drawn. Holding your child's hand or offering a stuffed animal or other comforting object can help. Blood tests can be scary for kids, so try to be a calming presence during the procedure.

Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD Date reviewed: January 2014.

If a larger blood sample is needed, the technician drawing the blood will clean the skin, insert a needle into a vein (usually in the arm or hand), and withdraw blood. A bandage and a cotton ball or swab will help stop the flow of blood when the needle is removed. In kids, it sometimes takes more than one try.

1995- The Nemours Foundation.

For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. Note: All information on KidsHealth is for educational purposes only.

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Medical Procedures Medical Tests A-Z List 39A39 on

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All types of medical tests
Medical Procedures Medical Tests A-Z List 39A39 on

Index of comprehensive articles on medical procedures and medical tests, a listing. Covers all aspects of medicine produced by doctors.

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Medical test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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All types of medical tests
Medical test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A medical test is a kind of medical procedure performed to detect, diagnose, or monitor diseases, disease processes, susceptibility, and determine a course of.

anat ( t, g, p )/ phys / devp / enzy.

proc, drug ( A10 / H1 / H2 / H3 / H5 ) M : HRT.

Examples of screenings include measuring the level of TSH in the blood of a newborn infant as part of newborn screening for congenital hypothyroidism, checking for Lung cancer in non-smoking individuals who are exposed to second-hand smoke in an unregulated working environment, and Pap smear screening for prevention or early detection of cervical cancer.

Each test has its own indications and contraindications, but in a simplified fashion, how much a test is indicated for an individual depends largely on its net benefit for that individual, which may roughly be estimated by:, where:

The classification of tests into either positive or negative gives a binary classification, with resultant ability to perform bayesian probability and performance metrics of tests, including calculations of sensitivity and specificity.

noco ( m / d / e / h / v / s )/ cong / tumr, sysi / epon, injr.

drug ( J1p, w, n, m, vacc ) M : VIR.

proc / itvp, drug ( G4B ), blte, urte M : END.

noco / cong / tumr, sysi / epon.

Most diagnostic tests basically use a reference group to establish performance data such as predictive values, likelihood ratios and relative risks, which are then used to interpret the post-test probability for an individual.

ambz, excv, chrm ( strc ).

noco ( d )/ cong / tumr, sysi / epon.

drug ( B1 / 2 / 3+5+6 ), btst, trns M : CNS.

proc, drug ( C1A / 1B / 1C / 1D ), blte M : DIG.

anat ( n / s / m / p / 4 / e / b / d / c / a / f / l / g )/ phys / devp.

In reality, however, the subjective probability of the presence of a condition is never exactly 100% or 0%, so tests are rather aimed at estimating a post-test probability of a condition or other entity.

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Medical diagnosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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All types of medical tests
Medical diagnosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Differential diagnosis: A process of identifying all of the signs, symptoms, and test results that the clinician uses to.

The term diagnostic criteria designates the specific combination of signs, symptoms, and test results that the clinician uses to attempt to determine the correct diagnosis.

General components, which are present in a diagnostic procedure in most of the various available methods include:

The resultant diagnostic opinion by this method can be regarded more or less as a diagnosis of exclusion. Even if it doesn't result in a single probable disease or condition, it can at least rule out any imminently life-threatening conditions.

Subsequently, a diagnostic opinion is often described in terms of a disease or other condition, but in the case of a wrong diagnosis, the individual's actual disease or condition is not the same as the individual's diagnosis.

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