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Information mayo clinic
Enterovirus D68 information - Mayo Clinic Health System

The community-based providers, paired with the resources and expertise of Mayo Clinic, enable patients in the region to receive the highest quality health care close to home. Mayo Clinic Health System consists of Mayo-owned clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities that serve the health care needs of people in more than 70 communities in Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

If you suspect the illness is more than a cold, it’s best to seek medical attention.”. “Parents and others should use their best judgment when caring for a sick child. “There are no specific treatments for enterovirus D68, and vaccines, antibiotics and antiviral medications are not effective,” says Dr. Khambaty.

“However, enterovirus D68 can produce additional, more severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and wheezing.”. “This virus has many of the same symptoms as the common cold, including nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, and feeling achy and fatigued,” says Shabbir Khambaty, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System pediatrician.

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Khambaty. “Everyone can help reduce contracting and spreading illnesses, including enterovirus D68, by following these basic steps and encouraging family members and others to do the same,” adds Dr.

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In other States, reported cases of enterovirus D68 are primarily affecting children, and infected individuals generally recover with supportive care, including rest and adequate hydration. Others, especially those with weakened immune systems or medical conditions like asthma, may experience severe complications and may require hospitalization.

Dr. Khambaty says there are steps you can take to prevent contracting and spreading enterovirus D68 and other illnesses, including:.

There have been no confirmed cases of enterovirus D68 in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), but officials say it’s likely the virus will have a presence in Minnesota. Recent reports from hospitals in the region and across Minnesota indicate an increase in respiratory infections – many of those in children.

— Mayo Clinic Health System is providing additional information about enterovirus D68 and asking the public’s help to reduce the spread of the virus. MANKATO, Minn.

Information mayo clinic