Is klonopin like xanax?

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Is klonopin like xanax
Is klonopin like xanax?

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hi booter,yes they are similar.xanax is a faster acting and is prescribed 3 x a day.klonipin is a somewhat longer acting benzo and is usually perscribed 2X a works better for sleep cause it works longer 11 Aug 2010.

How does the Wellbutrin affect panic attacks as I am about to begin this drug?

2 answers • 17 Aug 2013 More FDA updates.

If you are waking up depressed every day, maybe you need a mild anti-depressant? Whatever you do, do not try Wellbutrin, as it exacerbates panic attacks! Please post again, and let us know how you are doing. sweetlemon. Hi booter, Perhaps you should speak to your doctor about your depression.

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In the. I'm having some severe troubles with somnolence / hypersomnia, and am still waiting for the final diagnosis regarding my sleep study.

. can i just take calm forte. night so I can sleep, I like to stop the Klonopin, sometime I only take 1/2 of the pill, but i do get little anxios.

In a way xanax and klonopin are very similar.In fact they are in the same type of medication class called benzodiapines.These types of drugs act on receptors in the brain called (GABA).Which are thought to help with relaxation and overall quick relief of anxiety,panic attacks,mood disorders,etc.If you have any other questions.Please feel free to ask me.I'm always here to help.:) 11 Aug 2010.

just wondering, I also take celexa, ambian, xanax,requip,klonopin now the lithium was just added today any suggestions?

Yes these two drugs are in the same catagory The Klonopin is considered less addictive than xanax. 10 Jul 2012.

they are both benzos. Klonopin and xanax are very similar meds, I have taken both and realized that xanax is very much stronger than klonopin but if you switch backa nd forth from one to the other say every few months< it seems to make it work better. 13 May 2012.

I'm on 0.5mgs 2x a day Xanax but find it short acting and I can't sleep well when weaning. Jr. Thanks.

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This is why they prescribed it to replace the xanax my girlfriend was taking. Once on Klonopin she never expreienced any troubles like that. That said, it is my experience to agree with Springer10 about Klonopin being slower to act but slower to dissapate also. She sometimes did not get her prescriptions filled as timely as she should, and went to the ER by ambulance for a seizure that they attributed to xanax leaving her system quickly and that lowering the seizure threshold. I'm not a doctor. And it worked just as well.

seems to be working just as good just want to stop panic attacks and sleep through the nite and wake up with no depression and have no energy 11 Aug 2010.

I have severe panic attacks and was taking Xanax but they changed my mindframe to much, I was on klonopin for awhile then my dr I go to now does not.

And if you take it at night to help sleep it should be pretty much worn off and not make you drag in the morning. I've been on both as well as ativan, in my experience they all work more or less the same, xanax has gotten popular on the streets and a lot of dr's don't want to prescribe it, and personally I prefer the klonopin or ativan over the xanax b/c that seemed like it always made me want to eat and I gained a bunch of weight. 11 Aug 2010. Arachnoid beat me to it but yes, klonopin is like xanax, same class of drug, chemically work in the same manner. Those are all the same reasons I take it. Not sure if any of them will help with depression per se, but will help with anxiety in general and somewhat larger doses can act kinda like a sedative, so they can help with a panic attack or help you relax and fall asleep.

im curious about the whole seizure thing I've had several coming off a medication so does klonopin cause seizures if you quit taking it ??? 26 Oct 2011.

I was on klonapin for several years and find that I got better results from klonapin than zanax because I would get the same effect every time from the same dosage. 11 Aug 2010. Yes. For some reason the zanax didn't alway's give the same effect, meaning I would have to double-up. But unfortunay I did find that they tended to leave me with a slight hangover in the morning. They are both benzo.'s.

5 answers • 26 Aug 2010.

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Klonopins r stronger then Xanax but they r like bros n sisters I find klonopins to work better just b careful on dose u get all zombied n loopy at first! Take care.

4 answers • 15 Oct 2009.

Cheers! 11 Aug 2010. I've talked to others who had no sleep issues and plus it has fewer sexual side effects than most SSRIs will have. It works different on different people. If your dr wants to try it then give it a shot. Don't worry too much about the Wellbutrin. Personally it worked well for me but it affected my sleep.

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3 answers • 6 Mar 2012.

I have been on both and my preference is Klonopin for it's long-acting effects and greater ability to stay asleep longer through the night. Yes, Xanax and Klonopin are both benzodiazapines. The problem with Xanax is that it is fast-acting and one can experience a withdrawal effect from dose to dose which can exacerbate anxiety/panic attacks.

Is klonopin like xanax