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Diet Pill Side Effects - HowStuffWorks

07:26 | Author: Allison King

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Diet Pill Side Effects - HowStuffWorks

Diet pill side effects range from headaches to heart attacks and death. Learn about diet pill side effects, how long to use diet pills and FDA regulations.

But after six months, your body develops a tolerance to these drugs' effects, and weight loss plateaus. After that, if you don't also follow a healthy eating and exercise plan, the weight will come right back. Even the most effective diet pills are only meant to be taken for a short period of time -- usually six months or less. During that time, doctor-prescribed weight-loss drugs can trim anywhere from 5 to 22 pounds, or up to 10 percent of your body weight.

Different diet pills contain different ingredients, so their side effects vary:

But the majority of the ads you see on the Internet and TV are for products that are unregulated, untested and unproven.

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The Morning-After Pill - Emergency Contraception - Cost Info

05:08 | Author: Jeremy Rodriguez

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The Morning-After Pill - Emergency Contraception - Cost Info

Planned Parenthood Federation fact sheet discusses the different forms of EC, how to use regular birth control pills for this purpose, and issues related to EC.

The IUD or ella are better options for overweight women who need emergency contraception. Levonogestrel pills may not work as well for women who have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25.

There have been no reports of serious complications among the millions of women who have used the morning-after pill. Possible side effects include. Side effects are uncommon, and usually stop within a day or two.

It may cost anywhere from $30 to $65. The cost of emergency contraception varies a great deal depending on your insurance, where you live, and whether you get it from the drugstore or a health center.

Both kinds of emergency contraception can be used up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected intercourse.

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Birth Control Pills - Planned Parenthood

03:38 | Author: Chloe Allen

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Birth Control Pills - Planned Parenthood

Birth Control Pills - Birth Control Pill - The Pill. Take a pill each day to prevent pregnancy; Safe, effective, and convenient; Easy to get with a prescription; Cost.

You can start using the combination pill right after an abortion or miscarriage.

3 or more pills First two weeks.

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Day 3 – day 21.

Breast milk will contain traces of the pill's hormones. But talk with a health care provider about what birth control methods might be right for you after giving birth. It is unlikely that these hormones will have any effect on your child. Progestin-only pills will not affect your milk during nursing. You should wait to start using combination pills if you are nursing because they may reduce the amount and quality of milk in the first six weeks of breastfeeding.

You could become pregnant if you take your progestin-only pill more than three hours past your regular time.

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Sleeping Pill Side Effects, Drug Interactions - AARP

01:36 | Author: Chloe Allen

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Sleeping Pill Side Effects, Drug Interactions - AARP

Using pills to try to get a good night's sleep? Learn more about side effects and sleeping without the use of medication.

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In the SAMHSA study, over half of the ER visits were chalked up to combinations of zolpidem with other drugs such as narcotic pain relievers. Complicating the problem is that people in their later years often take other medications that can potentially clash with sleeping pills, Delany says. He says patients can avoid such dangerous combinations by using a single pharmacy and talking to their doctor about all of the medications they take, including over-the-counter products.

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RU486 Abortion Pill Information and Side Effects - Contraception

01:30 | Author: Jeremy Rodriguez

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RU486 Abortion Pill Information and Side Effects - Contraception

Learn factual information about RU486, the abortion pill. This FDA-approved medical abortion pill is a safe way to have a nonsurgical abortion.

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Also Known As: Mifeprex, The Abortion Pill, Medical Abortion, Mifepristone, Early Abortion, Non-surgical Abortion.

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The abortion pill (considered a medical abortion) must be provided by a healthcare professional. RU486 (brand name Mifeprex) has been widely, effectively and safely used in France, Sweden and Great Britain for years, and RU486 is also FDA-approved to be used in the United States.

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