Why Hypertension Medication Side Effects? by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer

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Side effect of bp medicine
Why Hypertension Medication Side Effects? by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer

Now it becomes obvious: It's the wrong basic medical approach causing the failure of hypertension medication and its serious "side effects". It becomes obvious too, why all these many billions of US$ spent for such hypertension medication couldn't make a significant change in the hypertension mortality (death rate) of hypertension: With or without medication, every other person of "first world" countries dies from cardiovascular diseases, the consequences of hypertension (if lowered with pills or not).

But this would need the appropriate knowledge, the motivation, some more efforts than opening just tins or opening the deep freeze comparment - and guests/customers knowledge about the health value of fresh food preparations from natural food products, and appreciating and paying the additional efforts for their health's sake. Gastronomy could succeed to offer healthy, fresh natural meals and menus.

Every normal engineer knows what to do if asked to maintain the pumped quantity per minute in a pipe system under circumstances of higher viscosity and narrowed pipes of the system: The logic solution is to elevate the pumping pressure!

Nobody can force you to eat foodstuff that makes you ill. Nobody can force you to take medication that doesn't cure you. Nobody can stop you if your free will is to change you nutrition to a natural, man-appropriate food supply. Nobody can stop you if your free will is to recover and to stay healthy.

So, what are your personal consequences?

The practical consequences should be:

Fine - for the modern medicine's economy. Not so fine for the hypertonic patients, who are condemned for lifetime to depend on medication, to suffer from its side effects, and to be the paymasters of the medical system for good without ever being cured. Airily the medical doctrine's conclusion from the weak medications' efficacy is to declare hypertension to be "incurable", and its causes to be "unknown".

Max Bircher-Benner) published studies about certain widespread civilization feeding habits causing hypertension and several other diseases; and Prof. Ralph Bircher (Zurich, son of Dr. Dr. Lothar Wendt (Frankfurt) published a book with many scientific studies about the changes in the body and in the cardiovascular system caused by these wrong feeding habits. Already in the 1960ties, Dr.

After so many different hypertension remedies don't succeed to cure hypertension, not even to "normalize" the blood pressure and blood parameters of hypertonic patients, but cause many disagreeable and partially serious side effects, its a matter of logic proceeding to put doubts on the the basic approach.

What are you still waiting for? From the current circumstances you are free to draw the consequence to re-conquer and control your health yourself. What you need is your will to do it, the knowledge how to do it, and then to do it.

Consequently, the medical research has developed medication that forces the body to lower its blood pressure.

The true souce of the hypertension medication side effects is the wrong basic approach, to fight the symptom "elevated blood pressure", instead of removing the causes that force the body to elevate the blood pressure. The true source of the hypertension medication side effects isn't its (not very real) "efficacy".

In the year 2002, the Technical University of Dresden, Germany carried out a study in 2000 doctors' practices with their 45,000 patients. From 1980 to 2000, the German medical doctors (physicians) have increased from about 100,000 physicians in 1980 to 294,676 physicians in 2001. The results: every other patient is suffering from hypertension, every fifth from diabetes, and every tenth from both diseases together.

Agriculture could change from quantity to health quality, from meat and milk production to high quality and delicious taste food crops production, to supply the markets with health creating and maintaining foodstuff. (As a positive side effect, this would allow to cease not only the chronic diseases, but also the chronic starvation of hundreds of millions of people in the world).

Medicine has discovered that hypertension is the main risk factor for the main cause of death in civilized populations: The cardiovascular diseases - like heart attack, stroke, embolism, kidney failure and more. In all those cases, hypertension was found as the preceding condition.

In fact, it's an oversupply with animal protein and refined carbohydrates and a deficiency of natural, man-appropriate food, causing the following consequences:

Under scientific aspects, this research hasn't yet succeeded much. This therapy "treats" hypertension, but doesn't cure it. Even the body of the patient seems to oppose to the medication, elevating again its blood pressure. Despite the serious side effects, the medication available up to now doesn't really reduce the high cardiovascular risk: 50 % of the modern populations die from cardiovascular diseases, it doesn't matter with or without medication (even with medication the mortality is slightly higher than without). The "standard therapy of hypertension" is composed of 5 different medications for daily intake. The only medical response is to increase the dosages and the number of remedies prescribed to the patient.

3 decades later, the turnover with hypertension pills in Germany had become about 75 millions US$ - not per year, not per month, but per day!. As an example: When - in the 1970ties - the German Health Ministry offered 600 millions DM (about 300 millions US$) for further research on the chronic civilization diseases, scientists were invited to a meeting in the University of Ulm, to propose their studies. But before the public meeting started, the "medical experts" internally had already distributed the cake, and to the public they declared that "non-medicational methods are excluded from sponsoring by principle". The permanent medication of millions of people was just what these "experts" were having in mind - and what they reached finally. Several independent scientists objected: "But you can't put half of the population under permanent hypertension medication!" The objections were ignored.

By this, they destroy most of the natural health value of the fresh natural products. Food industries work by extracting and sterilizing natural foodstuff, to produce storable food products.

The true source of danger isn't hypertension. The true source of danger are the widespread wrong feeding habits with negative consequences for the cardiovascular system, that force the inligent control system of the body to elevate the blood pressure, to maintain the blood flow, oxygen and energy supply, by compensating the inconvenient circumstances of a narrowed pipe system and a thickened blood.

If general health would break out like an endemic disease, it would be an economic doomsday for them, as they are presently established. Both sectors should develop considerable creativity, if willing to contribute to a natural health of the civilized populations and living upon their health. Physicians and the pharma industry are living upon the diseases of the population (and not upon the populations' health, as they try to make us believe).

Hypertension neither causes pains nor causes complaints. Why?. Hypertension medication, despite causing considerable side effects, neither cures hypertension nor protects from sudden fatal cardiovascular events; even it doesn't always normalize the blood pressure itself. The "modern medicine" calls it "side effects", claiming: "no efficacy without side effects". But even serious side effects don't guarantee efficacy. The trouble starts with the medication.

In principle, this conclusion can be transferred to every other so called "civilized" country of the world.

Johann Georg Schnitzer. Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004 Dr.

dizziness, headache, fatigue, depression, throbbing of the heart, lack of energy, lack of concentration, impotency, frigidity. It's considerably less logic and less inligent what the "modern medicine" is doing: To force - under such circumstances of higher flow resistance - the blood pressure down, without removing the nutritional causes of the narrowed blood vessels and capillaries and of the thickened blood. The consequences: Now the cells, organs and the brain are suffering from a deficiency of oxygen and energy - and this is the cause of serious complaints, called "side-effects", e.g.

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Bakeries could offer delicious wholemeal bread and bakery products, made from germinable, freshly ground cereal grains. It would need an own mill inside the bakery (as it was normal in the old Rome - and the old Romans didn't suffer from hypertension). But this would also need the basic knowledge, the appropriate recipes, and some more efforts than just opening the tap of the silo with the convenient, ready-made flour mixture for breads and rolls.

They can try to manipulate you by targeted disinformation. But finally they can't force you to do anything that's not your free will to do. First of all, you are equipped with your free will. They can even try to blackmail you. People and institutions can advice or seduce you. That's one of the essential gifts from God when He created man.

All these ethically logic consequences can't be expected. Why? Because the true target of all these sectors isn't to improve the natural health of populations. Your diseases cost you more and therefore bring them more, than your natural health would do. Their target is the the economic profit.

However, under economic aspects of modern medicine, hypertension has highly succeeded to become a main issue: It provides physicians and clinics with 50 % of all their patients, and hypertension medication has become a multi-billion-dollars business.

That's exactly what the inligent control system of the human body does when elevating the blood pressure, to maintain a sufficient oxygen and energy supply for the body's cells, organs, and last not least for the brain.

All knowledge how to do it you can find on the next pages.

The truth is: the "modern medicine" didn't search for causes of hypertension. They even didn't want that somebody would try to find these causes. Economically, neither the physicians nor the producers of medication can be interested to find the causes of hypertension and, by enabling the people to remove these causes, to risk a collapse of the multi-billion-dollars hypertension business.

The conclusion: Hypertension is the most essential platform of the physicians' economic existence, contributing 50 % to their revenue, followed by diabetes, contributing another 25 %. In other words: If the 294,676 German physicians would inform their patients about the health secrets published on this Website, 75 % (221,007) of the German physicians would have to close their doctors' practices for lack of patients; 25 % (73,669) physicians would be sufficient to treat the remaining other diseases. Therefore, it seems to be a "national duty of every citizen", to stay chronically ill with hypertension, or at least with diabetes, or better with both diseases, and to suffer too from the side-effects of the prescribed medications, needing "medical treatment" as well - all this to save these plenty of doctors from losing their basis of existence.

Side effect of bp medicine